Iranian Steel Industries Development Group

In order to design, produce and guarantee the quality of steel production lines (induction melting furnaces, continuous casting and hot rolled steel), management and engineering organization has been carried out using modern tools in this field.
Utilizing modern knowledge of industrial engineering, systems engineering and tools, and BPMS and CMMI standards, provide great help in updating organizational relationships, which will be necessary for any leading group. In general, the MAK team, in addition to its organizational structure, does not see any limitations in using the abilities of internal or external experts, teams and related companies, and to outsourcing and benefiting from existing experiences in order to increase productivity. And the qualitative and quantitative improvement is fully believed. In this regard, it tracks the identification of experts, professors, companies and new knowledge specifically in its research and development process.

Process model in design
To design based on a process approach, design patterns in the field of industrial electronics (Power Electronic) have been developed with the help of engineers and experts in this field and the cooperation and cooperation of industrial engineers. By using the process model in design, constant updating and matching with the domestic industry is going on in the company
Induction furnaces require a lot of knowledge due to having different parts. To make a complete design, we need to gather all the knowledge. The MAK team, which has started its engineering design activity since 2001, benefits from a complete team composition for the design of tools and equipment.

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